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On an episode of a Christian radio program The Things That Matter Most, William Lane Craig spoke on the subject of ‘Is God Real or Imaginary?’ Of course, being a theist, Craig posits that God is real. Fine, but what follows disgusted me to no end, as Christian apologetics in regards to atrocities assigned to his minions in the Old Testament are wont to do.

About 9 min into the show, Craig tries to explain why he feels Dan Barker’s journey to atheism is wrong. He seems to think the problem lies in a rigid belief that the Bible is inerrant, and once that rigid position is broken it is more reasonable to believe that the Bible may be wrong here and there than to cross over to the ‘Dark Side’ known as atheism…

‘The Bible is not an accurate record of what God is like, that the ancient Israelites in writing these narratives got it wrong about God.’ 

OK. If the Bible is wrong about God, how can he speak about God in an authoritative way at all? If the Bible is NOT inerrant, then you must pick and choose what you want to believe and there is no basis which is not arbitrary! This is just nonsense. His suggestion that this is an argument against the inerrancy of the Bible and not the existence of God is correct, but he doesn’t go to the obvious conclusion that if the Bible is wrong here and there, and you do not know exactly where or how many of these places there are, you have to throw the whole thing out. In fact, Craig throws the Old Testament out, but as we’ll see, he arbitrarily claims that the New Testament is okay even though it suffers from exactly the same issues.

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