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You read it right – preamble. I started writing a blog on my disbelief and it turned into a decent outline for a book. Thus I’ve split this into a few segues. Some of these will be about why I lack any belief in a god at all and others will be why Christianity is a societal menace. Yes, I do rail on about Christianity largely to the exclusion of other religions, but then we don’t have presidential or prime ministerial candidates tripping over each other to demonstrate their nauseating piety for Allah to a gullible audience that not only allows this nonsense but applauds it. I don’t believe in Jehovah any more than I believe in Allah or Yahweh, or (presumably) any of you believe in Zeus or Ba’al. Had I been brought up in an Islamic country I would be writing about Islam and not Christianity. I’m just going with the devil I know. But don’t worry, other religions get honorable mentions.

If God does not exist then where does our notion of God come from?

I used to belong to a Lutheran student group when I was studying at the university I graduated from. I don’t think I ever believed, but I really did enjoy the sense of belonging and kinship that I found there. I have since found out that this is not uncommon. Atheists getting together socially just doesn’t happen much and I think this is a shame. Some go to places of worship to fill this need since they can’t fill it anywhere else. This represents one of the positive sides of religion, but as I will describe later, this feature also has its dark side.

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