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LoR – Episode 30

[I realize that I have been remiss in putting what is essentially an audio blog of a podcast on this website. I don’t blog anymore, preferring to voice my opposition to magical thinking and the harm it does to individuals and society as a whole. I will hereafter update this page as we continue our journey at The Legion of Reason.]

In this installment we present another one of Kris’ fantastic interviews from the American Humanist Association conference in New Orleans earlier this year. Kris discussed humanism with the Harvard Humanists. Participating in the discussion were Sarah Chandonnet, James Croft, Chris Stedman and Greg Epstein.

The Centre for Inquiry here in Calgary is organizing SkeptiFest, a one-day music & comedy festival happening on September 8 at Ten Nightclub. It will be featuring Australian singing sensation Shelley Segal who performed at the historic Reason Rally earlier this year in Washington, DC. Check out her opus entitled “Saved” on website. Also appearing is Albertan comic Derek Sweet and Calgarian songster Dean Morisson, whose song “Non Believer” we featured here on the Legion of Reason a while back. It’ll be a rocking good time! Tickets are available through Eventbrite, and prices are $20 the general public, $15 for students with valid student ID, and members of the Centre for Inquiry and Freethinkers Society get ’em for $10.

To listen to more from the Legion, please visit our website at!

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