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Well, I don’t like talking about Bill Donohue, but he does provide amusement when his can-do-no-wrong view of Catholicism is threatened, whether the threat is perceived or real. And it’s never real. His view is that the Church is above reproach and that any criticism, no matter how apt, is an act of oppression. Bullshit, Bill.

Speaking of Bill Donohue and bullshit (the two go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly…. Mmmmmm….), I am shocked that there is no obituary for Bill after the airing of the latest episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, which took the Church head on and pulled no punches. Unfortunately for Bill, there’s nothing in it which can’t be backed up.

Here’s Bill’s latest press release (which the rest of the world will – correctly – ignore):


August 31, 2009

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the latest developments regarding the Catholic League response to Penn & Teller’s incredible episode on Showtime last Thursday:

I was happy to finger CBS this morning on “Fox and Friends” as the ultimate culprit: Penn & Teller’s Nazi-like assault on Catholicism that took place on August 27 will go down in history as one of the most vile, obscene programs ever aired in any nation. That CBS, which owns Showtime, allows this to go on is positively unbelievable.

We are now getting copies made for a mass mailing later this week. We will send a copy of this episode to 414 bishops, and to hundreds of influential Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Mormon religious leaders across the United States. We will also send a copy to hundreds of activists and members of the media. Then we will feature what Penn & Teller have done in the next edition of Catalyst, our monthly journal; that will reach a huge audience. Moreover, I am already scheduled to do several radio shows on what happened.

We want everyone to know about what CBS considers fair game. There is no way to undo the damage already done, but CBS/Showtime can still drop Penn & Teller. The ball is in their court.

Contact CBS rep Nancy Tellem at

‘Nazi-like assault on Catholicism’? You mean, they cremated Catholics? No? There’s not a single thing of substance in this release. Instead of meeting the arguments head on, Bill whines, exclaims, “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!” and tries their tried-and-true tactic (at least tried-and-true in the sense of utter failure) to apply pressure to get Penn and Teller removed from Showtime. Right, Bill. We don’t care. Does Bill think that the network didn’t know they were going to get heat over this? They LOVE it! Speaking of Nazis….


The problem is there are a lot of Catholics that agree with the criticisms raised in that episode of Bullshit. They even included Jon O’Brien, head of a Catholic organization which (to their credit) is openly critical of Bill Donohue: Catholics For Choice. The show included former Catholics involved in legal battles with the Church over cases of sexual abuse, criticized it’s stance on homosexuality and it’s attacks on those that exercise their right to free speech by openly criticizing its policies (comedian Sabina Guzzanti faced prosecution for “offending the honour of the sacred and inviolable person” of Benedict XVI), brought up the despicable (and formerly secret) document which instructed bishops to threaten victims of sexual abuse with excommunication for divulging such crimes (Crimen sollicitationis) and spoke to a former Vatican press secretary who gave a great analysis on why the Church acted so vilely to protect its image in light of the massive and undeniable cover-up of sexual abuse that has been going on for decades, not to mention the lies about the effectiveness of condoms in the fight against the spread of AIDS in Africa. What’s funny about the Guzzanti incident is that once the Church realized it had no case, and that it was in fact they who were violating her right to free speech, the came out and forgave her. Excuse me? They’ve got it backwards- she should be in the position of forgiving them!

All of what was in that show can backed up with documentation, and many who are critical of the episode ignore this. How does Bill respond? Like the whiny little idiot he is. I have not one shred of respect for him. Never did.

Shut up, Bill, until you can respond to criticism in a reasoned manner rather than with the infantile emotionalisms you always use. I urge everyone who watched the show to reply to the email address in the press release and congratulate them for their fine programming!

Great job, Penn & Teller!



  1. “Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!”

    Anyway, I watched this episode of Bullshit! with my wife the other night. While she was certainly not a fan of the catholic church beforehand, she generally leans towards tolerance of religion. But after learning of the ghoulish behavior of the Vatican, she was downright appalled and thanked me for showing her the clip.

    I found the episode on Mother Teresa last night and showed her that one too. The next time somebody uses the phrase “well he/she is no mother teresa” I will respond “I certainly hope not!”

    • I consider the Vatican to be a cult of personality, even if the latest pope doesn’t have much of one. Certainly, the adoration of Mother fucking Teresa is exactly that. She had absolutely no interest in helping those in need get out of their abject poverty. Of course, what Bill had to say in that clip was downright sickening. Suffering brings one closer to god? I’ll oblige that asshole and get him REAL close. The claim Mother fucking Teresa caused a miracle (interesting the Catholic Church has had to decrease that number to one -apparently there are fewer miracles in modern times) was contrived and ridiculous.

      Fuck the Vatican.

  2. So, he mentions the Nazis. How absolutely classic, has he never heard of Godwin’s law? And as you rightly point out, mentioning the Nazis is ironic considering the churches past association! I also notice that he doesn’t actually mention any factual errors in the program. Its all just plain old bullshit. Maybe the subject for another program?

    • Nah. Bill’s been on Bullshit once already and was exposed for the asshat he is. Once is waaaaay more than enough.

  3. Wow! Well that is a Damn Good article…
    I’ve never heard Bill Donohue (his last name in my language sounds like “Mr. Penis”)
    Nice BLOG by the way!

    • I’ve never heard Bill Donohue (his last name in my language sounds like “Mr. Penis”)

      Wonderfully apropos….

      Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Posted November 2, 2009 at 9:01 am
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    • And this video does absolutely nothing to refute the application of Crimen Solicitationis. Not – one – thing! The document exists, it was kept secret (indicating they knew how bad it would look if it got out) and explicitely instructs bishops to hide cases of sexual abuse under the false pretense of the confidentiality of confession. The large number of cases where abuse victims were intimidated into silence is not refuatable, and is exactly the doctrine set out in Crimen Sollicitationis. This gave the church an excuse to not report abuse cases to the proper authorities and eggregiously dealt with these cases internally (when they had absolutely no right to do so) and just shuffled priests around to hide what was going on, and this doctrine was enforced by the current pope. There are many documented cases of abuse victims being threatened with excommunication if they went to the proper authorities. They broke the law in favor of maintaining the illusion that the RC church could not possibly do anything wrong. This is criminal action in every sense of the word.

      The video presents no documentation refuting the documented cases of the threat of excommunication used to silence abuse victims. I’d say “Nice try”, but the video is just way too lame for that.

      So, tell me – why are you being an apologist for sex crimes and the overwhelming evidence of cover-up? Is sexual abuse ok for you? I suggest next time you come up with something a bit more than a crappy vid in which the only refutation its creator could come up with is baseless denial. You are welcom to comment if you can present something factual in refutation, but know that I refuse to allow you to demean the thousands of victims worldwide by allowing this blog to be hijacked by a pedophile priest apologist and will instantly block you if you can’t come up with anything of substance.

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