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Anyone that says that in their city if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes is likely to be met with skepticism from me. Partly because I’m a skeptic. Partly because I live in one of those cities in which the old adage is actually true. Yesterday in Calgary we went from +10°C to about a foot of snow. This can be a crazy place to live, especially in March.

One of those Bud Lite “Men of Real Genius” commercials (my favorite is “Mr. Taco Salad Inventor”) should have been written for the guy that invented the snow blower. We live on a big lot with a lot of driveway do shovel, and if it weren’t for the snow blower, I’d be in hospital suffering from back pain, stroke and heart attack. While I was doing the snow blowing thing, I decided (as I usually do) to do the neighbor’s driveway as well. They’re senior citizens, and like hell am I going to allow this poor waif of a woman (the husband has been ill) to shovel her driveway sans snow blower of their own. Their children usually come around to do the shoveling, but getting around Calgary today is not a good thing to try to do.

Well, I got caught in the act this time. I get a bit embarrassed at thanks for things that I would do without need of such gratitude. But it’s nice to know that my action was appreciated. She called me ‘an angel’, and not just a ‘snow angel’*. My wife was with me and, being atheists, we both had the same thought: little does she know…

It’s not totally altruistic, of course. There is no such thing as ‘true altruism’. I really enjoy using power tools that make a lot of noise. It’s a guy thing.

On a related subject, we booked our island-hopper flights between Honolulu, Maui and Kaua’i today. Those inter-island flights are amazingly cheap. So is the flight to get to Honolulu. I’m wondering if we can fit in a PADI diving course between now and mid-April when we fly off to Hawaii where we could do our open water dive. There’s certainly no interesting place around here (or place that is warmer than a glacier-fed lake).

*’Snow angel’ is a municipal program which encourages people to be nice and shovel their neighbor’s walk.


Addendum: Just booked our PADI diving course. The first weekend of April is gonna be a long one. 6-10 pm Friday, and 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. Yikes!


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